Remote Deposit

Deposit Checks Without Leaving The Office

Business banking that’s designed to save you time and money. Our remote deposit service lets you put money into your accounts without ever leaving the office.  We provide the scanning hardware, training, and the ongoing support. You simply log into Online Banking, scan your deposits, and submit them electronically.  Within the hour, your money is processed and available. It’s just that easy, and it could save you over $100 a month!

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Report Lost/Stolen Card

To report a lost or stolen ATM or Debit card during business hours, call (855) 570-0280. After business hours, call (855) 570-0280.

Routing Number

Our Routing Number is 064201120.  Use this number when signing up for Direct Deposits or Automatic Deductions.

EDIE The Estimator

With 100% FDIC-Insured deposits, you can’t lose a cent!
EDIE the Estimator