Let’s Get Down to Business

Whether you’re starting a business or funding an existing one, pay us a visit. We have all sorts of loans for all kinds of business. Maybe you need to purchase property? How about new or used equipment? Or do you simply need a line of credit to support the short-term assets of your growing company or business? Whatever the case, Community National Bank is ready to lend you the money. Ready to support your business and our community with the financial resources to build, secure, and grow that business of yours.

Construction Loans

How about a 12-month, interest only commercial construction loan? One that can convert to an amortized note at the stroke of a pen. This loan will provide you with the short-term capital needed to complete your project—and every project is different. So, come talk to us before you start. We’ll find a way to make it happen and make you a happy customer in the process.

Real Estate Loans

Community National Bank has local people on staff. They know and understand our real estate market. They’re in tune with the market’s unique ebb and flow. They know what determines a property’s value and whether or not it’s priced right. Take advantage of our experience and expertise as you search for the ideal location. Then, we’ll provide you with the perfect loan with rates and terms to match.

Equipment Loans

When it comes to rate and term, it’s pretty tough to beat Community National Bank. We’re not only competitive, we’re ready to help you find the loan that meets your specific need. And that goes for a new or used equipment purchase. We also have access to plenty of experienced appraisers and evaluators. Why not drop on by? We’re here to ensure you get top value, no matter what.

Lines of Credit

Cash is the life blood of every business. In a growing company, your need for cash can outrun the collection of receivables. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Maybe your company is seasonal in nature? Building inventory to meet those seasonal needs takes money. Community National Bank will analyze your company’s financial statements. And take a look at your conversion cycles. Our objective is to understand just how much cash you need and when you’ll need it. Our goal is making sure you’re successful.

Term Loans

We also offer term loans to meet your unanticipated, short term cash needs. They help you bridge the gap between cash needs and cash flow.

Report Lost/Stolen Card

To report a lost or stolen ATM or Debit card during business hours, call (423) 570-0280. After business hours, call (800) 791-2525.