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Card Bandit

ATM and Debit Card fraud is on the rise.  In an effort to combat this crime, we have implemented a new risk-management service.

If we spot unusual activity on your card, we will attempt to contact you immediately.  If we are unsuccessful in contacting you, your card will be restricted until we can confirm the validity of the transaction.

In order to minimize any inconvenience to you, it is important that we have current contact information for you.  The preferred contact method would be your mobile phone.

Please take a moment to update your contact information by completing the fields below.

To report a lost or stolen card, call (800) 791-2525.

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Please note that no confidential information is being requested.  We will never request confidential information from you by email or other electronic means.  If you ever receive an electronic message claiming to be from Community National Bank and requesting confidential information, please do not answer the message and report the incident to the bank immediately.